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Berry Hill Farm

Our Farm

Our retirement plan

We purchased our farm for our retirement. It has been a dream of mine (Edith) to breed dogs and we've been able to make it happen in retirement.  Tony has always wanted a little farm to grow vegetables, fruit trees, and have chickens. He also loves dogs, so he was on board for the dog breeding. We have loved it so far.  The grandkids also love to come hang out - ride the tractor, look for worms near the creek, pick vegetables and fruit, feed the chickens, gather the eggs, and of course, play with the dogs and now the puppies.  We are loving retirement.


Our Story

Dog lovers, outdoor lovers and lovers of Jesus

We bred dogs before we had children but that was awhile ago. Tony and I have always had dogs going back to childhood. We fell in love with Bernese Mountain dogs when we lived in Colorado. Tony was in grad school and purchasing one was not in our budget. We had many dogs over the years but we also fell in love with doodles.  We decided to gift ourselves one for our 35th anniversary. We've had Boomer, a newfydoodle for almost 7 years. We love the hypoallergenic aspect of doodles and the health benefits. So you see where this is going... we added 2 Bernese Mountain dogs to our family 2 1/2 years ago. So the plan was in place to breed  dogs.​Tony is also an avid outdoorsman - hunts, fishes, loves to garden and grow things. We also came to Christ again 20 plus years ago and that takes priority over all.

Berry Hill Farm Bernedoodles
Berry Hill Farm Bernedoodles - berner puppy now mom
Berry Hill Farm Bernedoodles - berner puppy
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